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Over 40 years of service excellence

For more than 40 years,

Charles Snack Foods has been one of the premier snack food distributors in the country.

We carry an extensive product line of brand name items in addition to our custom snack and nut mixes. We primarily serve wholesale customers in the hospitality industry including hotels, country clubs, office buildings, restaurants, and lounges nationwide. 

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Custom Mixes 

Our delicious snack and nut mixes are custom blended, using the freshest, highest grade ingredients and are outstanding complimentary items to serve to your bar patrons. Serving high quality snacks at your bar demonstrates to customers that you appreciate and value their business. In addition, it is a proven method for increasing your beverage sales and consumption.


"The Fifth Ave. nut mix is the best I've ever eaten! I had these last week at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables which is around the corner from my home of many years. I'm shamelessly going to score more during happy hour tomorrow..." - Edouard

Extensive Product Line

In addition to our custom mixes we carry an extensive product line and distribute a wide variety of name brand snack food items. Some popular brands that we distribute include Planters, Nabisco, Hershey, Power Bars, Luna Bars, Clif Bars, Golf Energy, Banana Moon mini bar products and many others.

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile"

- R. Staubach

Superior Service

We offer prompt direct delivery throughout the

New York Tri-State area, common carrier delivery across the country, and are always at your service.