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Shipping & Returns


Where We Ship To

  • We only ship within the contiguous US.

  • We do not ship to Post Office boxes, as they cannot be serviced by UPS Ground.

Where We Ship From

  • All products will ship from our distribution center located in New Rochelle, NY.


  • Depending upon order size and distance, your order will ship either via UPS Ground or Common Carrier. If your order ships via Common Carrier we will reach out to you to verify the delivery address and requirements prior to shipping. 

Delivery Times

  • Estimated delivery time is 2-7 days from when the order was originally placed, but may be extended during periods of heightened demand. 

  • Average delivery time will vary based on shipping destination and carrier requirements. The map below shows the estimated transit days for UPS Ground from our distribution center in New Rochelle, NY so you can see how many days your package will take to get from our location to yours. 

  • Please note that UPS does not count Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays as delivery traveling days. Additionally, your order will typically not ship out the day you place the order. We always work to get everything carefully boxed up and on its way as soon as possible, which is most often the day after you order.

Shipping Cost 

  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. This allows us to offer you the most competitive prices on the market for all of our products. 

  • Your estimated shipping costs will appear at checkout. Shipping costs are based on weight and may change once the order has been prepared and packaged.

Order Tracking 

  • Once your order ships, you will receive an email with your tracking information. 

  • For additional information please contact us at 


Returns, Claims, and Refund Policies

If you are not satisfied with your delivery please contact us immediately. We will do our best to make things right for you in accordance with our policy for each claim type. Claims must be made within 48 hours after receiving your order. 

To submit a claim, go to your customer account and click the "Claims" tab. Use the claims form to tell us about your claim. If you need to include images in the claim, you can send them to Please include "Claim Images_Customer Name" as the subject line of your email. (Example: Claim Images_Steven White or Claim Images_Mick's Donuts) 

Types of Claims 

Shortage: In the event you are mistakenly billed for an item that was not received, we will process a shortage claim to replace the missing items or reimburse your account. Claims for products billed but not received are subject to review and verification.

Mis-Picks: If you receive the wrong product, you will need to provide the SKU number from the item you did receive. We will process a claim to replace the incorrect item or reimburse your account. We will notify you if a UPS call tag will be issued for the wrong item(s) received for return shipment at our expense. Claims for wrong product shipped are subject to review and verification.

Purchaser’s Remorse: All sales are final. Return or refunds due to buyer’s remorse will not be issued or accepted.

Undelivered Packages: We will issue a refund for lost in transit shipments that are not delivered to the destination. We will not issue a refund for packages where a delivery confirmation has been received from the shipping carrier. 

Expired: All claims for expired inventory must be accompanied with the Expiration Date from the items you received. We will not issue a refund for expired merchandise if the order was shipped within 30 or more days from the “best by” date. Charles Snack Foods guarantees a minimum shelf life of 30 days. We understand that for Business customers longer shelf life is needed to resale items. Charles Snack Foods guarantees a minimum shelf life of 60 days for Business accounts. 

Damaged: All damage claims must be accompanied by digital photograph and details about the damage. Photos can be emailed to for review. 

Shipping Melt Risk: Charles Snack Foods is not responsible for products that may melt in transit. Charles Snack Foods does not ship with ice packs or any special packaging to cool the products in transit. 

Product Defect: Charles Snack Foods will issue a refund for defects such as missing safety seal or no label. Quality complaints due to taste, touch or smell should be reported to the manufacturer.

Inaccurate Image/Description due to Packaging Change: Charles Snack Foods not responsible for refunds due to a manufacturer visual packaging change, nor representation of new product labeling where the image or product description does not reflect the exact visual package shipped. 

Marketplace Sellers
We make no representation or guarantee that Customer will be able to sell through all products purchased. Customer is responsible for the movement of any inventory purchased. Distributor will not accept products for return that Customer is unsuccessful in selling unless otherwise noted. 


We work hard not to accept an order unless we have the item in stock. However, between the time an order is placed and an order is picked, an item may go out of stock. If one or more items on your order are not in stock, or is not available, the item is removed from the order and the balance of the order is shipped. You will only be charged for the items on your order that ship.

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